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Hello to all our fellow Queensland voters!

Breaking News for Queensland’s January 31st, 2015 State Election:

The Queensland Greens have officially announced  a 2 year Daylight Saving trial and a referendum – For full details, simply click the 2 links below:

Queensland Greens Announce Daylight Saving Trial & Referendum Pledge:

Queensland Greens Daylight Saving Policy Website:


How to Vote at Queensland’s January 31st State Election for Daylight Saving:

* Here’s where to find your local Queensland Greens candidates to Vote 1  for:

http:\\  – They’ll contest all 89 Queensland seats.

QLD Greens Daylight Saving Pic

Queensland Independent candidates to consider voting 2 for:

* Alex Douglas for Gaven * Craig Butler for Gladstone* Peter Wellington for Nicklin * Kevin Forshaw for Algester * Carl Judge for Yeerongpilly * Hamish Grey for Sandgate


* If applicable, Vote 1 Greens, 2 independents, and then number every box in order of preference, and that’s your way – It’s time to get the daylight balance right for ALL Queenslanders, plus restore balance and order in Queensland Parliament ASAP.

6 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Why should Daylight Saving in Queensland be a significant issue to consider when casting my vote for the January 31st State Election?

A. Queensland’s lack of Daylight Saving costs our state’s economy an estimated $4.35 billion P/A as mentioned here in this Courier Mail article, and this problem can’t go on:

Q2. What if moving western Queensland regions an hour ahead causes more problems for their communities than benefits?

A. An initial state-wide Daylight Saving trial is the only way to help determine where we should draw a dual-time line seen on the Google map below (that’s from and to with-in the state) all in aid of every Queensland region delivering the very same ‘problem-free’ long and short-term daylight-related benefits:

QLD DLS Solution Map

* Sunrise and sunset times from Geoscience Australia prove there’s no valid reason for any Queensland region to be behind South Australia at any given time of the year.

* Such sunrise/sunset data indicates that if the dual-time line seen on this map is carefully planned, then no Queensland region will have sunsets beyond 8PM.

* The dual-time line seen on this map serves as a guide only, and is in no way a final proposal we’re advocating for.

Link to the Queensland Dual-Time Map:

Q3. Why should moving western parts of Queensland at least half an hour ahead be considered by politicians if moving them an hour ahead won’t work?

A. In 2014 Queensland’s Young LNP raised the idea of moving Australia’s entire eastern seaboard half an hour ahead permanently, and there was no controversy over that idea from western Queenslanders, but Queenslanders in the east still wish to move an hour ahead, and rightfully so – This is where a dual-time compromise can resolve the issue for all regions

Graeme Brittenden Proposes all 30 mins forward

* Queenslander Graeme Brittenden has continued campaigning for the eastern seaboard to permanently move half an hour forward, still free of any rural backlash.

* This means no Queensland region need ever be behind South Australia again.

Link to the Article Regarding Call to Move Nation’s East 30 Minutes Forward:

Q4. What benefits can the State Government and the economy expect from Daylight Saving once properly dealt with for the good of ALL Queenslanders?

A. Four main types of efficiency dividend savings mentioned below, and the government need not be selling or leasing our assets in order to help fund their election promises.

* Economic Efficiency Dividends: The above dual-time map would still provide every Queensland region economic efficiency benefits with all southern state customers, economic benefits worth billions annually that would far outweigh any 30 minute time difference with-in the state itself, but ultimately provide all regions similar yet ideal sunrise and sunset times that can then lead to government efficiency dividend savings.

* Government Efficiency Dividend Savings: The Queensland Government can expect to reap savings with more long-term preventative health (Fact: Obesity costs Queensland’s economy $11.6 billion P/A), a reduction in short-term road fatalities and crime rates that can then lead to emergency lines and resources working more efficiently, plus the government can also expect more people to be using what will be safer public transport networks from here in Cairns down to South-East Queensland.

* Solar and Daylight Saving Can Save the Government $650 Million P.A.  

Solar & DLS pic

– The subsidy Queenslanders are paying for in order to keep North Queensland power bills at their existing levels is not sustainable.

– Here in North Queensland the sun is our greatest asset, so we should be using this money to invest in some much-need infrastructure and vital resources instead.                                                   

Link to the North Queensland Daylight Saving & Solar Article:

* The State Government and Sporting Clubs (Big & Small) Can Easily Save Millions P/A in Lighting Costs at Sporting Venues including:

The Gabba Sunset 1

– 1300Smiles Stadium

– The Gabba

– Suncorp Stadium

– Metricon Stadium

– Cbus Super Stadium


Article mentioning all sports are disadvantaged without Daylight Saving:

Q5. Won’t having a dual-time arrangement similar to the above map cause Queensland’s emergency services to respond half an hour too late?

A. No. Officials in Broken Hill where their clocks are permanently on South Australian time (always half an hour behind the rest of NSW) had this to say:

“It’s not the time on the face of any one region’s clock that matters when a 000 emergency call is made, but rather a case of your state government making sure it has assigned an adequate number of emergency resources in each and every part of your state, 24/7.”

The Net Gains: Overall the Queensland Government can expect to be in a far better position to re-assign vital resources and funding needs to the state’s often deprived rural and regional centres, simply by way of accepting this call and acting upon it accordingly…

It’s time to get daylight balance right for ALL Queenslanders!


* Only an initial state-wide trial can help determine where to draw a fair and equitable dual-time line, that’s if moving the entire state an hour ahead does not work for communities in Queensland’s west.

* Queensland can halve its one hour time difference on Australia’s eastern seaboard by way of reducing the nation’s inconvenient number of time zones down from 5 to 4 – There is no need for Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) during our longer days.

* The benefits Queenslanders stand to gain are expected to have the 2 major parties (Labor and the LNP) looking somewhat rather red faced, that’s once all the Daylight Saving trial data has been officially revealed to a well-informed public.

* The 2 major parties have deprived Queenslanders of the benefits of Daylight Saving for far too long, and while they say they don’t want to split the state, the fact is that’s exactly what they are overly-doing to the tune of an unnecessary hour each and every year, and it’s costing both our economy and way of life….dearly.

Q6. Who are we at The Daylight Times?

A. The Daylight Times is a new Cairns-based group whose role it is to cover news items in relation to how the daylight is being timed across both Queensland and New South Wales.

We’re an independent group who are for the people, by the people on the very issue of daylight, so we’ll have a lot to put to state politicians, particularly those who are not willing to get the daylight balance right for the good of all council regions with-in their state.

As our team grows, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be kept up to date with the latest news, affairs and opinions coming from all angles concerning the very topic of Daylight Saving from right across Queensland and New South Wales:



Why Tropical Queenslanders Helped Establish The Daylight Times in Cairns?

Here in Tropical North Queensland these 2 articles plus the Cairns Post poll reveal how it’s no longer just a case of the majority of Queenslanders backing Daylight Saving down in Southeast Queensland anymore, but now the silent majority also back the change up here in our tropical ‘tourism-driven’ north:

Tropical Queensland Article: Time for a Change

Newsport’s Poll: 162 Tropical Locals backed Daylight Saving Vs 118 against it

Cairns Post Poll: 231 back the call Vs 137 against it

Cairns Post DLS Poll 62.77 YES 37.23 NO - 01.01.2014








Our Diverse Team Agreement Given that Not All Need Eastern Daylight Time 

Since the release of these poll results, our inland Rural & Regional Queensland (R&RQ) crews and their constituents advised us they’re happy to settle for the South Australia/Broken Hill Australian Central Daylight Time (ACDT) instead as this will stimulate their economies with other states, economically outperforming any 30 minute time differences with Queensland’s east which in its case does need Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) – R&RQ voted against AEDT being observed in their communities back in 1992

So as we continue building our independent and geographically diverse group across our 2 states, please don’t hesitate to e-mail us at if you have a story or matter to report to us concerning the very issue of Daylight Saving in Queensland and/or New South Wales.

In the meantime, here at The Daylight Times we’ll keep you informed with fresh news as it comes to hand, and of course, it’s happy voting from all of us to all Queenslanders who’ll be voting on January 31st, 2015.

Kind regards,


Phil McCarroll

Head of The Daylight Times

Cairns, Queensland



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